Over 40 000 square metres of top technology.

Valtatie 30 is a modern business hub – for companies and people – in the city centre of Tampere nearby excellent public transport connections.

The property, spanning over 40 000 square metres

The property, spanning over 40 000 square metres, is a business hub of top professionals and is also a well-known Tampere landmark.  The property is home to medium and large enterprises – each of them a leader in their respective fields. The property’s infrastructure is top notch in terms of ICT capabilities and security, while the waste heat pump system that feeds the excess heat back into the district heating network of Tampereen Sähkölaitos is a unique solution in an office building and a concrete, practical act for sustainability.


The property offers a wide range of services, including the popular restaurant Valtatie 30, which is maintained by Compass Group. The range of services offered include top class meeting and conference facilities, an auditorium seating up to 200 people, facilities for sauna, reception and mailing services and an in-house gym. The indoor garage and outdoor parking capacity of the property amounts to almost 1 200 spaces. In the parking garage there are parking spaces that can be leased, along with bicycle parking and charging stations for electric vehicles and e-bikes.

Office premises

We offer your company efficient, contemporary premises and services to meet your professional requirements. The ICT capabilities of Valtatie 30 are modern, and we can offer different spatial options for companies large and small, starting with office spaces with a floor area of as little as 30 m² to bigger spaces. Valtatie 30 is situated only a stone’s throw away from Tampere city centre and the main railway station. And due to its close proximity to lake Pyhäjärvi there is also a beautiful view. All of our office premises are top-tier examples of modular office construction enabling different kinds of spatial solutions and flexibility and adaptability, from open-plan offices to smaller units.


Restaurant Valtatie 30 serves from morning to evening on weekdays, providing high-quality restaurant, catering and meeting services. In the evenings and at weekends we operate by appointment. Breakfast and cafe services offer refreshments during the day. Our extensive lunch menu has something for everyone: delicious meals, treats from the bistro and healthy salads from the salad bar. Our bakers and chefs can also create delicious pastries and dishes to order. As the restaurant offers cafe products and snacks around the clock on a self-service basis, you can arrange your daily working rhythm any way you please.


The property’s guest parking is accessed from Hatanpään valtatie. There is another entry by the main entrance, and another at the southern end of the property. The guest parking spaces are subject to a fee, and are located outside, near the main entrance and in the parking garage. The parking garage also serves as a complementary parking lot for events in the Nokia Arena, which is located approximately 500 metres away.

Parking is managed by AimoPark and the parking fee of the garage is paid either with a parking slip or with Taskuparkki mobile app. Make sure that camera identification is turned on in the Taskuparkki app.

Evolving and flexible work environment

For the companies operating in our property, we provide an evolving, safe and flexible working environment that supports the people working in the building. With our excellent location, facilitating spatial arrangements and comprehensive services we enable our customers to succeed in their business operations.

We also help our customers reach their environmental goals. Castellum, the owner of the Valtatie 30 property, is your committed partner in sustainable growth, corporate responsibility and continuous development. A crucial solution that improves our property’s environmental value is a district cooling system, which serves both the data centre located on the premises, and the offices network cooling system. Our latest innovative energy efficiency project feeds the excess heat generated by the servers of the data centre back into the district heating network of the municipal energy company Tampereen Sähkölaitos. The excess heat fed back into the district heating network is equivalent of the heating consumed in some 5 000 detached houses. Read more about the project here (in Finnish).

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